Carl-olov nO.3

"A versatile coffee table"

This is the biggest table from Carl-Olov collection. It fits with the other two tables creating endless combinations. Designed by Carl Emgård

+ Materials

Legs: Solid ash or oak with oil treatement
Boards: MDF with laminated surfaces
Possibily of choosing between wood legs or aluminum legs

+ Finishes

NOTE: We have made every effort to make the colours and finishes as close as possible to the colours and finishes of the products. However, due to reflections, shadows, monitor calibration, printing and the use of natural materials, colors may slightly differ. Know more at Terms and Conditions.

+ Dimensions

Diameter top: 85cm.
Diameter bottom: 70cm.
Height: 52cm

+ Prices

You can choose the top board in black or white. The bottom board is white on one side and black on the other side so it can be flipped.
Finally, you can add some extra features to customize your piece:

Piece Price
CARL-OLOV No3 3775 SEK 395 €
Aluminun legs +800 SEK +80 €
Choose different colors +800 SEK +80 €

Are you architect or interior designer? Contact us.

+ How to purchase

Right now, the only purchasing way is by bank transfer. You would need to contact us descibing how your table should be. Then, we will come back to you and, once everything will be defined, we will send to you a budget. If you agree, you will be able to transfer 50% of the price. Then we will start working on your piece and, just before we send it to you, you will be asked to pay for the rest. The time from the first payment to the delivery day will not be longer than 6 weeks. Know more about the delivery proccess at our TERMS&CONDITIONS

Carl Emgård was running his own business during years. Suddendly, due to a period of illness he needed to stay at home for a long time. He couldn't work any more and an idea that was in his mind since time ago came out. He loves design but he never tried it before. He started thinking about that idea and he finally thought about designing some pieces to be made in Sweden.
After considering many options, he finally decided to design a collection of versatile tables that could be easily combined creating different compositions. This is how the relation with Enströms Möbler began