“A collection inspired by the Scandinavian classics mixed with Mediterranean and Japanese influences".
This is the first collection from By.Enströms. The brand represents more than 100 years of history related to the furniture industry. During all those years the company has kept a close relationship with the craftsmanship, always trying to preserve values such as tradition, passion about design and the quality of their products.
Everything starts with the idea of combining quality, tradition, craftsmanship and new design influences. Kaaja Collection is the result of this idea reflected through materials and shapes. It is a collection designed to create a relationship with you that will grow stronger through time.
From the beginning, Carlos Jiménez wanted to create a collection of cabinets where every detail would be studied. The design consists on the combination of curves and straight lines. The external shapes are dominated by curves and rounded forms. One of Carlos' main goals was to create cabinets that would present interesting details from every angle. The connection between the legs and the body is visible from sides and front. The round edges are also visible from every angle.
Craftsmanship is in all the pieces. Every element is sanded by hand several times, ensuring a perfect surface to the touch. Once all the pieces are ready, they are assembled by hand. Highly qualified hands are behind all the process, taking care of every detail and being sure that every cabinet is perfect. Every cabinet contains part of the soul of the company.

Customize your own and unique piece by using the KaajaCollection Customization tool