"This sideboard can fit in every space"

The KB-2 was the first cabinet of Kaaja Collection. Designed by Carlos Jiménez.

Customize your own cabinet by using the KaajaCollection Customization tool.

+ Materials

Body and legs: Solid ash with oil treatement
Modules: Laquered MDF boards or MDF boards with ash veneer
Mechanism: All doors and drawers work with a "push and open" mechanism


NOTE: We have made every effort to make the colours and finishes as close as possible to the colours and finishes of the products. However, due to reflections, shadows, monitor calibration, printing and the use of natural materials, colors may slightly differ. Know more at Terms and Conditions.

+ Dimensions

Width: 115cm.
Height: 70cm.
Depth: 43cm.

+ Prices

The final price of each cabinet is composed by the price of the body and the price of the selected modules. Every piece from Kaaja Collection is specially made by order for you. Every piece is "fire-marked" and numbered making them unique.

Piece Price
KB-2 BODY 11000 SEK 1126 €
Open space 1500 SEK 154 €
1 door 2250 SEK 230 €
2 doors 3000 SEK 307 €
1 drawer 2250 SEK 230 €
2 drawers 3000 SEK 307 €
3 drawers 3750 SEK 384 €

The price of the modules is fixed, so the size of the modules doesn’t affect to the price. To configure your cabinet you can use the grid that you will find in the brochure.

NOTE: The finishes for the body are included. 3 finishes are included for the modules. Veneer in any module will add 500 SEK/50€ to the final price. Just for the first veneer module.

Are you architect or interior designer? Contact us.


Right now, the only purchasing way is by bank transfer. You would need to contact us describing how your cabinet should be. To do this, you can easily use the KaajaCollection Customization tool. Then, we will come back to you and, once everything will be defined, we will send to you a budget. If you agree, you will be able to transfer 50% of the price. Then we will start working on your piece and, just before we send it to you, you will be asked to pay for the rest. The time from the first payment to the delivery day will not be longer than 6 weeks. Know more about the delivery proccess at our TERMS&CONDITIONS


KB-2 Brochure

Kaaja Collection is a new interpretation of the classic Scandinavian cabinets that were made in the same factory around 50 years ago. The pieces from Kaaja Collection combine the soul of the classics with new forms inspired by Mediterranean and Japanese cultures.
The design of the cabinets consists on the combination of curves and straight lines. The external shapes are dominated by curves and rounded forms. Carlos Jiménez wanted to create cabinets that would present interesting details from every angle. The connection between the legs and the body is visible from sides and front. The round edges are also visible from every angle.